Behind the Scenes: Kinklin

Making of Kinklin in Paris

THE TRAILER, before the official release...

Adding Beninese drums (gangan hun) to Kinklin

Dibi Dobo interviewed about Kinklin on (in French)

About Kinklin:

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After having left his former production house "Nouvelle Donne" and a short break, Dibi Dobo is back with a new single entitled "Kinklin" (which, in the language Fon, means "sorry")... read more (in French)

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After a few months off, the talented young Beninese rapper is back... read more (in French)

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"Kinklin" is the title of Dibi Dobo's new single. This soundtrack is a mix of Beninese sounds and RnB and is the landmark of this artist's comeback... read more (in French)

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Beninese urban music star finds himself on the backsides of  Ebrié, Ivory Coast. He come to this West African country to participate in a TV programm and takes this opportunity to present his new single... read more (in French) 

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Dibi Dobo's single Kinklin in the Top10 on UrbanClip RTI2 (Ivory Coast)

Classement sixième place Kinklin sur urban clip Dibi Dobo