Interview (French with English Subtitles)



In a Pan-African spirit and with an endless creativity, Dibi Dobo has been skyrocketing to the top level since 2009 and now works on his second album. Author, composer, and performer, he sings in Fon (on of the most spoken languages in Benin, West Africa), in French, and in English, songs that are a mix of Beninese, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap and World Music. He considers that music has no borders. That's the reason why he wants to create international music in an entirely new style he calls "Dibitiks"! Through his writings, we discover un musician influenced by many music styles, but truly rooted in his homeland and linked to his people.

International artists want to work with him and the result of those collabs is a great success. For instance : Kenzah Farah, Lynnsha, Arafat DJ, Arielle T… His songs, videos, interviews are distributed on world media, radio and TV chanels (MTV, MTV Base, Funradio, Trace TV, RFI, Africa N°1, Télésud, RTI, LC2, ORTB…). He performed many times in most of African capital cities with shows in Ivory Coast, Senegal, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Tchad, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Niger, Togo, Angola, etc. with lots of success. In Europe, he performed in France (e.g. Paris), in Germany and in Italy. Dibi Dobo also participated in Fanny J's show at Olympia in Paris (France) in April 2012 as well as at Bercy (Paris, France) in June 2013 during the event "World African Wrestling".

Adolescent, he started music in Benin in the group Def Lyrics. Dibi Dobo standed out, thanks to his particular style, his self-confidence on stage and his freestyles to the level of great rappers. Supported by the Beninese artist Kaysee Edge Montejano, he participated to various musical events in Africa. He then performed on stage and collaborated with local and international artists. With the independant French label Nouvelle Donne Music, Dibi Dobo issued his first album "Soyimavo", that brought him to the top level and for which he got nominated at the Kora Awards in 2010. Dibi Dobo now works on his second album with his own label company Soyimavo Music. Tracks like "Kinklin", "Akonkpikpan", "Aziguii" and "Love me" feat. Lynnsha & JJK give an idea of how dope this new  album will be.